halloween craft night

 Craft night with be held October 9th from 7-10. Come anytime in that time to do your craft!! To sign up for my craft night, or if you want to hold your own craft night... just email me {Vanessa883@juno.com} your orders. :)

 Trick or Treat - $19 for one side $30 for both
Paper, blocks, and vinyl.
 Happy Halloween $10
paint, paper, vinyl, blocks
 Reversible Monsters/Gathering - $10 for one side, $16 for both
Paper, blocks, vinyl
 Happy Halloween $15
Paint, blocks, vinyl
 Happy Halloween - $5
Paint, blocks, vinyl
 Pumpkins - $16
Paint, blocks, vinyl, raffia
$6 for just the vinyl
 Mini Boo Sign - $5
Paint, blocks, vinyl
 Candy Corn $10
paint, blocks
 Candy Dandy Block - $15
Vinyl, block, ribbon, and candy corn
 Reversible Halloween/Thanks - $8 for one side, $12 for both
paint, paper, blocks, vinyl
 Spooky/Thanksgiving - $10 for one side, $14 for both
Paint,blocks, vinyl, paper
 Double Double Vinyl - $3.50
Bring your own plate
 Boo Blocks - $7
Paint, blocks, vinyl
 Trick or Treat - $12
*turn your Gobble blocks around and this will be $8
Paint, blocks, vinyl, ribbon
 3 Seasons Cubes - $20
paint, blocks, vinyl, paper
 2 pumpkins - $15
blocks, ribbon, stem
4x4 pumpkins $14
3 blocks, paper, ribbon, and stems
12x12 sign $10
Stand is $3 more or I will drill holes
Pumpkin Block - $6
paint, ribbon, block, and vinyl.(cream,black, or brown)

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