St Pattys Craft Night!

Come get your craft on! Thursday March 2nd from 7-10pm. Sign up under the craft you want to make :) If you could have all the signups finished by the 30th that would be great! Fee free to bring a friend, or hold your own and I'll send the kits to you.

 Lucky Blocks
Includes 2x4 blocks in varying heights, scrapbook paper, ribbon, buttons, and black vinyl.
Project $15
*Turn your Be♥Mine Blocks around and this project is only $10
 Kiss Me
Paint, 5.5x12 wood, and green vinyl
Project $10
7x7 routerd wood, leprechaun paper, paint, wire, raffia, and Green vinyl
Project $8
 Luck Block
5.5x5.5, paint, black vinyl, ribbon
Project $6
 Luck O'the Irish
2x4 blocks in different sizes, black vinyl, scrapbook paper, paint, and ribbon.
Project: $14
 Luck Blocks
4x4 Blocks, paint, white vinyl
Project $9
 Subway Art
White vinyl, 12x12 routerd wood, scrapbook paper behind the lettering, and paint for the sides.
Project $17
Vinyl $10
Green Vinyl, Bring your own plate! Fits inside a 6x6 middle
$2.50 Vinyl
 Pinch me
8.5x2.5 wood, paint, and white vinyl
Project $4

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